AgnosPCB AOI Offline inspection platform 2.0


Created to simplify and speed up the process of checking the integrity of electronic panels and/or circuits. With a single click, the platform will adjust the camera settings to optimal values and search for possible errors in a matter of seconds.

The platform comes with an ESD mat to prevent unwanted electrostatic discharges.

It has been pre-assembled to make the installation process much simpler.

This KIT comes with a processing unit capable of carrying out an PCBA/ Panel inspection within 4 seconds.  No internet connection needed. All the images are processed locally.

This OFFLINE AOI inspection platform includes:

  • SONY ALPHA camera (24.3 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor, Bionz X image processor. Preconfigured).

  • 50mm Ynlens Optics.

  • ESD MAT : designed to drain static charge from items placed on its surface + ground lead + ESD Wrist Strap.

  • 2x 108 LED 30W pure Light Side Panels + remote control.

  • Black anodized aluminum structure (PRE-MOUNTED).

  • White LIGHT diffuser panels (3).

  • SONY NP-FW50 dummy USB battery (8,4 V).

  • SanDisk ENDURANCE SD card (64Gb).

  • SanDisk Ultra Flair flash USB 3.0 (128 GB), to storage your inspection images. Removable.

  • 5V, 3A USB power supply.

  • 2m USB 2.0 micro-USB cable.

  • Pre-programmed computer  (Keyboard and mouse) + INSPECTION BUTTON (with LED indicator). Running UBUNTU

  • 22″ IPS FULL-HD  MONITOR + 3 axis arm support